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The highest result is achieved wit the satisfaction of your customers. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables daily in your kitchen. Everday day, the freshly harvested fruit and vegetables are tested for the best Quality.

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The best thing since sliced bread.


This is, what our suppliers said. Welcome at M & Z Trading Company. You love best goods? You  do every compliance with the latest quality standards? We´re always entering new partnerships in order to always be able  to supply  our customers with fresh, high quality products. Together we bring nature on the table.




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What are your products?

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Why you want to be our supplier?

No enjoyment is temporaray, for the impression he leavs behind is permanent.


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In 2009 we decide to start our trading company with fruits and vegetables. With great cirsumspection we deicde to built a network with a hand of selected farmers. The latest quality standards as cornerstone we build up our daily fresh service with best fruits and vegetables from worlwide farmers. The M 6 Z Trading Company will be your big point for fresh goods from all over the world.

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If core competences are to be used absolutely, a fingertip  feeling is  required at every moment. In order to be able  to offer our customers, suppliers and partners the best possible  skills, the management  of our family business is skillfull.

best service for our customers. our team.

Best quality at an attractive price. Prepared and controlled by our highly trained team. The joy of the work and an outstanding  team ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


The M & Z Trading Company distinguishes among other things that all customers  are allowed  to be aware of the same quality. We are there for everyone. Nevertheless, we are pleased, like every company, about larger and also  about well-known customers. We would like to thank you for approval and approval, and we can list some of you below.